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We beat the market 9 out of 10 years.

Our software picks the ticker, strikes and expiration dates for you so you can profit without the long guesswork. It's powered by an algorithm fed with 10 years of data and 10 factors proven to work. Small Account Spreads saves you time and makes you more profitable with high return, consistent trades in minutes in ALL MARKET ENVIRONMENTS.

Harness the power of industry leading A.I. backed algorithms. Similar algorithms the top hedge funds use are now at your fingertips. Our HotScore technology aggregates data from multiple sources to quickly and clearly show you the best options to trade all DONE FOR YOU.

Overwhelmed by varying strike prices and which options to buy? We scan the entire options chain so you don’t have to, researching each possible trade ahead of time and recommend you the best plays

Current AI backed algorithm % win rate YTD:

-Call/Put Credit Spreads alerted 2-5 times per week via WhatsApp